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Lion Consulting, LLC is a Strategic Consulting Firm Devoted to producing superior return on investment for our Clients and Partners.  

Leo Our expertise is providing an integrated Advertising and Marketing Strategy for our Clients.

Leo Pieri and Lion Consulting Associates have deep sales, advertising and marketing experience. Over 25 years in Digital, Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Events, Sports and Entertainment.

Pieri has led strategic efforts Nationally, Regionally and Locally for Major Media, Sports and Entertainment Companies.

Prior to IMG, Pieri was a Senior Vice President with media companies such as The Gannett Company, Cowles Media and Multi-Media. During that time Pieri was recognized for superior leadership and achievements, receiving several CEO awards.

Pieri has an MBA in Business from the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern, Illinois.

Pieri is an experienced, skilled professional who is ideally suited to strategically help direct your organization in sales and marketing development. Pieri is known for his superior client relationships and making things happen.